Our goal is to make your timber sale as simple and as profitable for you as possible


Don’t spend your time worrying about how to sell timber. Janicki Logging and Construction have spent decades as one of the leading logging companies in Western Washington, and we have the connections to get you the best prices on the market. JLC is a third generation family company that is ready to guide your sales. You want to sell your timber and we are here to help by

1. Finding the best trees to sell

2. Harvesting them from your land

3. Transporting them to buyers

4. Getting you paid quickly

 Selling Timber

We are ready to share our knowledge with you - before we harvest and sell your Timber


Your trees are valuable and we want to guide you through how timber harvesting works. The best way for you to get the best value for your harvesting is understanding the process as we go along. We have spent decades learning how the timber industry works in the Puget Sound region. Our loggers are trained to find the best value on your land.

All harvesting starts by visiting your land with a logger and finding what timber is available. Walking your forest land helps tell you and us what is available to meet your financial goals. We assess timber prices based on size, species, and the volume of trees you own. With this information, you can then decide whether you want immediate revenue boosts, develop long-term plans, or focus solely on your land’s health. We will then start the plan to buy trees and get them to sellers.

Your timber harvest starts with permit processing before any woods logging  begins. We have worked with Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources for decades, so your permits get processed fast. Being efficient means you spend less time and money waiting. Your timber harvesting starts when the permits are granted and you will always be kept in the loop.

The goals you set out are opportunities for us to grow and improve as a company. We’ve become one of the most well-invested logging companies in Washington thanks to all we have learned previously. Your land is important to us and we have invested in technology for carefully cutting down trees even in thick forest. 

Once initial harvests have completed, your land can start being managed. You can develop steady revenue streams for years to come. This benefits both your pocketbook and the land itself. No matter where you live in the Puget Sound area, we want to work with you and your land today.


Sustainable Forests,
Sustainable Revenue

Your forest land and income both benefit from healthy, growing forests


When it comes to forests, bigger is better. The health of a forest is our number one goal and these standards also work well with long-term management plans. When we selectively harvest trees through “thinning”, it leaves more room for trees to grow. The bigger the trees, the bigger the sale. The trees removed during the thinning allow the dominate trees to grow at an accelerated rate and also generate revenue for you. 

By opening the canopies with selective logging, we can take advantage of current timber prices while building a harvest for later. The open canopy also allows more sun for the forest floor. More sun on the forest floor means more plants, more wildlife, and less fire risks. Our recommended sustainable thinning prescription allows you to harvest timber every year, without diminishing the overall volume of timber, or land value. This builds a steady revenue stream for you. We want to suit your timber harvest needs and can adjust to what is best for you and your land.

If you do choose to clearcut, we take many efforts to make it environmentally safe and healthy. If your land had been poorly managed previously, it may be best to start fresh. We can replant with your preferred species of tree, spacing them so they’ll grow well. Replanting is an important part of logging in Washington State and we want to do our part to help keep nature thriving. For every 1 tree removed by JLC, we replant 10.


Purchasing Woodlands and Timber

Timber is a stable, renewable investment


Even when market prices drop, you can delay harvesting until your timber value rises. This has the added benefit of allowing trees to grow larger and more valuable. We can get you the best Douglas fir log prices, hemlock log prices, cedar log prices, or any type of wood you want to sell. Because Janicki Logging and Construction is so bound to the timber industry, we can help guide you through any sales or land purchases you may be interested in making, no matter the size. We know the timber market and stay up-to-date on forest lands available for purchase all around northwest Washington State. We will happily guide your purchases and help manage the land after the purchase is made. Call us today to learn all that we can offer you, your land, and your future.