Construction & Excavation

No matter how you want to use your land, the goal at Janicki Logging and Construction is to meet your needs


Be it for income, recreation or development, we want to build your land to suit your wishes. We pride ourselves on being a company that makes your land accessible and usable to you, no matter the desires. We have the knowhow and skills to achieve your goals.

Road Construction

Access is the first step in allowing you to utilize your land, be it for timber harvesting, development, or recreational use. Our ability to expertly create roadways into your forestlands is possible thanks to the years of learning our forest managers have under their belts. We also pride ourselves on impacting the environment as little as possible by investing in the best equipment for the job. We have the people and machinery that will show you the best ways to access your land. We can show you what paths make the most sense and how to make the least impact on the forest. 

Janicki Logging and Construction has over 60 years of forest road construction to look back on, which means we have covered nearly every terrain imaginable throughout the foothills and mountains of northwest Washington state. Your lands are our first priority. We will create plans to get into your land and use it. Winding through the trees with the least impact means that more of your tree farm stand will mature to harvest age.

Land management comes in many different types of styles. Our roads are designed to support all types you might be interested in. No matter what your land has for layout, you can count on our team finding solutions. If you need grading, bridges, or accessible roads, we have the equipment and people who will reach your needs.


 Bridge Construction

Proven, Cost Effective Bridges built to last


You land is JLC’s first priority. With that in mind, we’ve created plans that will get you into your land for your next steps. Since 1957, we have successfully installed hundreds of bridges on private, state, and federal land. This means your neighbors, friends, and family have likely been using our bridges already whether they know it or not. 

We have built many bridges over 90 feet in length, and some reaching to 200 feet. Most importantly, over 95 percent of the bridges we have built are still in use. When you get one of our bridges, you get a bridge that lasts. Our bridges help people all over Whatcom, Skagit, and Snohomish county travel their forestry lands with ease.

Our bridge are adaptable to fit your terrain, improving both your property’s accessibility and value. From design to manufacturing, to installation, we can control the entire process in-house, lowering costs and ensuring quality. By manufacturing the bridges ourselves, we don’t have any outsourced cost to put onto you. Thanks to our Janicki Blocks, your bridge installation process can be halved from normal bridge construction time. These precast blocks are central to our construction design, leading to quick, lasting bridges.

We also offer culvert work if bridges are too extensive for the crossing needed. Both bridges and culverts can also be sold at retail prices and are available for delivery. When it comes to your land, our goal is to make sure you get the best care for it possible. If we can assist you in anyway, you can be assured we are excited to help. Your land is our priority.


 Land Clearing and Grading

Professional, timely work done by certified engineers


Land Clearing and Grading

The easiest way to increase the value of your land is by preparing it for the uses you need. Our land clearing services provide the best way of turning your land into usable access for whatever your heart desires. Our lumber sales services can help turn your land into profit, but our grading and excavating skills are how you get there. We have a quarter century of membership to the Professional Explosion Engineers Association and can remove rocks normal excavation cannot handle. If you have structures on your land, we also do demolition work. 

As a third generation family company, we have built strong relationships with local government. This gives us the knowledge to make sure any permits your land requires are completed correctly, the first time. We ensure all your land changes are completed to code and the permit process is done properly. We have an on-staff civil engineer and an experienced dirt-work team, ensuring that the land is ready as your projects get completed.

We have successfully completed land clearing, excavation, grading, and demolition for multi-family housing, apartment buildings, and RV parks in Whatcom and Skagit counties. We have helped prepare land for the June Road Meadows complex in Bellingham and have worked with the Skagit County Airport in Burlington. Because we have extensive expertise, you don’t need to hire multiple companies for every step, lowering your land clearing costs. You can save time and money by going to a one-stop outfit.