One – Stop Bridge Solutions

Design, permit, build, install and surface – Janicki Bridges does it all. Our turnkey approach to bridges gives you all the expertise you need with just one phone call. Janicki Bridges has designed and installed environmentally compliant bridges for over 50 years. Whether you need a 10 foot pedestrian bridge over a seasonal creek, or a rated road bridge crossing a major river, Janicki Bridges can get it done. We provide a complete range of services and products, including bridge design and site layout, multi-jurisdictional permit acquisition, components and assembly of bridge, railings and abutments, site-prep and installation, stream renovation and road surface completion.

Engineering Expertise

Janicki Bridges’ mechanical and civil engineers are experienced at working with various governmental agencies to solve complex problems – whether they are wetlands mitigations, stream restorations, fish habitat improvements or Washington RMAP requirements. Our reputation within the regulatory community is that we consistently provide a professionally engineered solution with minimal environmental impact.